Legal Tips From Lawyers

The Thai Law does not allow overseas nationals to own a property in the country. Therefore, foreigners need to analyze the legal issues that come along with owning a land. However, a foreign national can fight for his or her right for building possession different from land properties, like, condominiums.

Laws for Non-natives

An efficient lawyer in Thailand provides his or her client with effective legal solutions to buying properties. According to law of the country, a foreign national is liable to own the following properties –

• Any division in a registered Condominium.

• Registered leasehold of up to 30 long years for all sorts of entitled buildings or lands.

• A Building separated from land property

Foreign nationals cannot own a freehold land. The person also does not have the right to own more than 49 percent of the shares of a distinct company that owns a freehold land.

Procuring a Condominium

The Condominium act of Thailand allows a foreigner to own as much as 49 percent of the entire unit space of a condominium building, registered by the law. The purchaser can plea for a letter of assurance from the juristic person of Condominium who sets out the percentages of foreign ownership. Upon transfer of ownership, the foreign national can send the form to the Land Department. It is essential for a foreign buyer to bring hundred percent of the finances from overseas. The funds in foreign currency will then need a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form.

Details on Foreign exchange transaction form

The Thai bank provides this form to supply evidence of the trade to the land Department of the country. A Foreign exchange transaction form needs to evade complications because of strict currency laundering rules. It is also necessary for an exchange form to avoid remittance tax during repatriating funds. It is a matter of worry only when the foreigner sells the condominium at a later time. A foreigner can own the form at a price of 20 thousand US dollars. It is necessary for the person to specify his or her purpose behind the payment in the order form along with specifying the unit number and the name of the condominium.

Effective Solution for Foreigners

One effective way in which a foreigner can buy properties in the country of Thailand is through long-term lease option. The overseas national can get registered leasehold as they are simple and pretty straightforward and also secure. Long term leasehold structure with time and slowly become equal to freehold ownership. An individual can renew the property for two times. This extends the ownership for 90 years in total.

There are almost no issues with security as owning the building assures proper ownership rights. The lessor is not liable to own the property once the lease expires since the property has no link with the land. It is also not liable to become a subject under the Civil law of Thailand. A Lawyer can always become handy for foreign national while buying properties for the first time in Thailand. They provide effective tips and legal solutions that help the foreigners in future.



3 Tips on Picking a Good Lawyer

imagesSooner or later, you may need a lawyer to defend you. It’s easy to think that all you need to do is, go to a law firm, hire a lawyer and let him/her represent you. But it’s certainly not that simple always! Lawyers are numerous, yet picking a good lawyer only constitutes to a small number. Compound this complication with the verity that the success of your case will greatly rely on how well you choose your legal representative. So, if you’re faced with this very daunting task, you have to specifically know who you’re really looking for.

You have to understand first that you’re looking for someone with whom you can frankly discuss the legal aspects of your case. You’re not looking for a friend, companion or a shoulder to cry on. You’re aiming to have a lawyer. Therefore, do not expect personal advices and treatment to come from your lawyer. Everything is limited to business and professional relationship alone.

Now in picking a good lawyer, you must look for specific qualities and specialties. If you have marital issues and are planning to ending your relationship, a divorce attorney would be suitable for your case. If you have real estate problems, an intellectual property lawyer would be of great help. And if you have a criminal case, then you must definitely opt for a criminal defense lawyer. Know your lawyer’s specialty and it will be easier for you to narrow down your choices.

Another great consideration is in terms of payment. Choosing a good lawyer would mean a hefty professional fee. Keep in mind that lawyers are paid on an hourly basis especially those handling criminal cases and those doing a regular legal work for you. However, if you don’t have funds for these kinds of lawyers, you can always go for public defenders. Their availability may be limited, but you can still make the most out of these defenders without shedding a hefty price.

Finally, picking a good lawyer is possible by doing your own research. You can ask people you know who have been on a similar situation as yours. This way, it will be easier to find a good lawyer, and at the same time, ask more information about that specific lawyer. Also, you can be assured that you’ll be dealing with a good one as referred to you by a colleague or a person close to you.



Safe Driving for a Safe Living

Driving is the essential part of any travel. The person driving a car or a truck needs to be very cautious and careful during the course of travel to avoid any accidents. Drowsy driving is identified to be one of the major reasons for the road accidents. Preventing drowsy driving is important to maintain the safety standards on the highways.

Drowsy driving is largely found in among the truck drivers or the young drivers who do not have much experience in driving. The truck drivers are prone to drowsiness due to the inadequate sleep time the drivers get. Sometimes, the drivers cross the speed limit and this combined with drowsy driving causes fatal incidents. There are various instances that have proven this strategy. The statistics of accidents that occurred in the past are frightening and the results conclude that the drowsy driving remains a major contributing factor for accidents across various states.

Drowsy driving can unavoidable in certain situations. But it is important to identify the drowsy driving before any undesirable incidents occur. The driving persons exhibit some warning signs to show that they are drowsy. These signs include frequent blinking of eyes, difficult to focus on driving, missing of certain turns or exits during the travel, lowered performance in driving, frequent yawning, trouble opening eyes or keeping the head in the upright position. The knowledge about these warning signs helps the drivers to know about their condition and take the appropriate steps.

The proper selection of the driving person also paves the way to avoid drowsy driving. One should be fit in both health and mind to carry out long driving. Some of the important points to note before driving include:

  • Inadequate sleep or sleep loss
  • Consumption of even a small amount of alcohol
  • Number of breaks taken during the travel is not sufficient
  • Making travel without a companion
  • Following sedative medications
  • Continuous working for a week without rest
  • Driving during the night time when it is the sleep time for the driving person

There are many ways to prevent drowsy driving. If there are two persons who are proficient in driving, they can exchange the driving after a certain period of time so that each of them can rest while the other drives. For long trips, a handsome of breaks can be taken on the way so that the person driving gets enough rest before resuming the journey. The food substances like alcohol should be avoided during the travel as it may induce drowsiness. It is also better to avoid any medications for the driving persons before travel as some of the medicines tend to make them drowsy. The person driving can be involved in conversations with the other passengers so that the person does not feel any monotonicity while driving. The person intended to drive should have an adequate sleep before the actual travel. All these simple tips can largely help in avoiding drowsy driving. Above all, the person driving the vehicle should make up his mind to be well aware of driving carefully. They should be explained about the dangers of drowsy driving and the impact of it on others life.

Life is just once and every individual driving the vehicle should realize this truth. A mistake of a single person can adversely affect other’s life. By following the guidelines, together with a conscious mind, one can avoid such accidents and make every travel a pleasant one for all.



Steps to Choosing a Good Lawyer

The legal system is not an arena for novice litigators because of the vast amount of information and the rules and motions of the trial process. This is why obtaining a good lawyer can aid anyone in getting through any legal process. A good lawyer may cost a lot of money but will be beneficial in the long run. Steps to choosing a good lawyer are easily followed and can be the best decision a person makes.

The first step in choosing a good lawyer is research. Use any avenue available like the Internet, newspapers, or even the yellow pages to find the thousands of lawyers that are undoubtedly around every city. Once a list of lawyers is compiled, call each office and check for credentials and experience for the type of case that will be put on trial.

After this, the second step in choosing a good lawyer is making sure that they fit into a budget. The best lawyers will undoubtedly cost more money, but their status and reputation within the legal community can influence a case in a clients favor. An inexperienced attorney will probably cost less, but is that what you really want when faced with legal issues? It is always best to go with the more experienced attorney, even if that means the finances get hit a little harder.

Another step in choosing a good attorney is talk to with their client base. This may be hard unless a personal friend has used the same attorney, but talking to former and current clients can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the lawyer. This goes along with the last two tips because the most crucial factor in picking an attorney is gathering accurate information on them.

Steps to choosing a good lawyer all revolve around drawing the most accurate picture of their skills, experience, credentials, and price. In defense cases, attorneys will be appointed for a defendant if one cannot be afforded. However, it is almost always better to pick an attorney for the right job by researching before the trial process begins.



How to Choose a Good Lawyer You Need

There are numerous instances when people find themselves faced with legal problems that they want help with. For these reasons, they turn to lawyers who will assist them get out of these problems. However, choosing the best lawyer who will represent your interest can be a tedious process. Therefore, it is worth your time to conduct some research prior to choosing a lawyer. Most of these lawyers value their repute and they will be genuine with you about what they do know and what they don’t. It is for their best interest as they mostly rely on referrals for their business. Here are a few tips that will help you hire the best lawyer.

Word of Mouth

Start by asking friends and family since personal recommendation is the right place to begin. A lot of people have dealt with lawyers before and if they have not, then they may know a person who has. Find a lawyer who specializes in your specific area of interest through checking with your state bar and decide if they are in excellent standing with the bar. Also, there are many online resources to find lawyers in your vicinity.

Brief Meeting

When you find a lawyer that have been recommended to you or that you have chosen as potential prospect, schedule a brief meeting. This will give a fast sense of how accessible or reachable this lawyer will be when you hire him. A number of lawyers will have no problem with one free consultation and this should be your chance to ask questions, request reference and have him cite cases he has handled that are typical to yours as well as the outcome of those cases.

Certified and Licensed

All lawyers need to have undergone the required education to gather the expertise needed to provide quality services. Ask for documents to be certain. Also, he should poses the necessary license required to practice law in order to make sure you are in safe hands. Aside from this, he should also be conversant with the laws of the place where they are situated as this could affect the presentation your case.


Examine the background of your preferred lawyer, both education background as well as professional experience. Also, scrutinize how they administer their jobs. If a person can’t manage their business properly, it is a sign they will not assist you.


Research to find out an average lawyer hourly rate in your vicinity; ask colleagues who have hired lawyers recently, and then compare credibility, personality, flexibility, and accessibility to determine whether the fee you are charged is logical. Keep in mind the lawyers have set rates so be careful if he wants to be acquainted with your budget. It is also vital to ensure that a lawyers puts his charges in writing and offers detailed billing.

By taking note of a few tips listed above, you will be able to take an extra step toward choosing the right lawyer and staying away from those who might not represent you to the fullest.



Legal Tips for Using Social Media

Without a doubt, social media has introduced a whole new world of opportunity for citizen journalists, bloggers and others looking to share their stories and ideas in the public arena. Unfortunately, it’s also introduced a host of ways to violate intellectual property laws. From Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to blogs, Facebook and Google+, social media makes it easy to unknowingly infringe on others’ copyrights.

If you want to participate in social media, here are six things you need to know.

1) Fair Use

If you participate in social media, it’s good to understand “fair use,” a tenet of copyright law. Essentially, the fair use rule allows you to use other people’s material (e.g., photos, art, music, videos, ideas, articles, etc.) if you use only portions of it – as opposed to the entire copyrighted work – for criticism, comment, teaching, research or news purposes. The idea is that using it for those purposes means you’re using it fairly rather than just getting ahead by co-opting someone else’s hard work.

2) Transformative Use

It’s also best to use it in a “transformative” rather than derivative way, meaning that you somehow add to the original content. With a recipe, for example, you can add to the ingredients or adjust the cooking process. With a work of art, you may add praise, criticism or comment on the message it conveys.

3) Attribution

If you are using someone else’s original material, give them credit. Give attribution to the original author of a quote or passage, the composer and/or singer of a song, or the name of a photographer or visual artist. If the material exists online, include a link to that original content. Copyright laws are intended to protect creators’ markets. If your use of their material affects their market, you could be infringing on their copyright.

4) About Pinterest

With more than 4 million unique users every day, Pinterest has sparked many conversations about copyright law. If you use Pinterest, you need to be sure you follow the above rules because when you signed up, you agreed that all risk arising out of your use of the Pinterest site is your responsibility (even legal fees that Pinterest may encounter because of your actions). Some experts have likened Pinterest to Napster, suggesting you may face some risk using the site, even if you do attribute, though the risk to an individual is likely small. Repinning, however, doesn’t fall under copyright infringement.

5) Safest Bet

If you want to use other people’s material for any use – fair, transformative or otherwise – your safest bet is to get permission from the copyright owner. It’s not always easy, but if the material is for something truly important, it’s the wisest step to take.



Real Estate Lawyers – Your Options

Transactions involving property can be quite complex and you might need a real estate lawyer to help you make sense from the transaction process and the details involved in the same. Legal transactions need to be managed carefully so that both property sellers and buyers get the best from the processes and this is what lawyers specializing in this field can help you with. They lawyers can handle a number of services on your behalf as far as the property transactions go whether they are individual house purchasing needs or commercial needs, residential developments to industrial developments.

Residential real estate lawyer

The buying or selling of a home is a very important process that ought to be handled in the most professional way possible. If you are buying, then you know that it is a huge investment on your part and there is need to ensure that everything works out smoothly from beginning to end and you get genuine transactions and deals in the end. As a seller, you also want to enjoy a smooth process dealing only with genuinely interested buyers to make the process seamless. A residential real estate lawyer can help both home sellers and buyers with properties such as new homes, resale homes and condominiums. Apart from such sales, a good lawyer can help you secure the refinancing that you need and mortgages for the property you are interested in.

Commercial real estate lawyer

Legal services are just as important to commercial real estate as they are to residential property. This type of lawyer can come through for lenders and tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers to offer the best solutions and choose the most appropriate process for the commercial transactions to take place. The lawyer can help you in a variety of areas as far as the commercial property goes including the following.

· Sales and purchases of the property where the lawyer ensures laws are followed and genuine buyers are hooked with genuine sellers or landlords with genuine tenants.

· Financing that is needed for the commercial property whether you are buying or selling so that you can get the best financial terms from your lender.

· Negotiations whether they are between you and the buyer or you and the seller or the landlord. Whatever the commercial process calls for, you can be sure that your lawyer will handle the negotiations professionally and within the law for you.

· A commercial real estate lawyer can also help with leases and subleases of commercial property and help you with lease review to ensure that the terms are reasonable and worthwhile.

· Title examinations can never be overlooked in any commercial real estate process and the lawyer will help you with title and lien searches so that you get deals that are indeed real and worth the efforts you are putting in.

· The lawyer can also help you create shared and joint ownerships to the commercial property under terms that are beneficial for both parties involved. When a lawyer is involved you know that you get a fair share of the ownership.

When looking for a good real estate lawyer Vaughan, be sure to look at the services that the lawyer can offer you and whether they relate to the real estate needs you have at hand or might need in the future.



Small Business Legal Tips

All too often individuals go into business without finding out about the laws relating to small business and are unable to keep a competitive edge. Hence it is important to understand legal basics before you build or run your small business. The first step is incorporating your business, where and how you decide to do it. For instance, a number of small business owners decide to incorporate their companies in Delaware because it offers flexible and pro-business statutes. However if you live and run your business in another state you may need to pay additional filings and fees in both the states.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Hence you should always set the terms and conditions (especially those terms related to trades of any kind) clearly to all your customers. This will help you save time and money on the long run and also establish professionalism in all your dealings.

Defending Your Trademark and Your Business

It is important to preserve your trademark and any other intellectual property of value as your customers associate the same with your services. With the advent of the Internet there is no dearth of information for the small business owner seeking help to defend trademarks. Small business management, accounting and legal services are easier to understand and locate today. You can also benefit with some free aids available online such as the various software packages that seek to help you with legal forms and terminology. Always include your business name, address, phone number and registration details on communication of any kind.

Stay Updated With Changes in Various Laws

It is important to keep yourself updated with changes in various laws related to your business. If you have employed over five individuals, it is important to find out more about the employment law in your state and the various provisions for employees. Keep your employment contracts clear and simple so you do not find yourself confused when an employee is requesting details. Since the scope of business law is very broad you might not always be able to be well versed in all the rules and regulations governing the business. Also litigation fees can turn out to be astronomical and it is advisable to consult an attorney for options related to mediation in any matter. Legal proceedings are time consuming and also involve extensive paperwork.

The first step is to consult a small business attorney in your area for information about starting a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship the better choice and information related to franchises, general business law and taxation.



Essential Legal Tips When Considering Longterm

This article looks at more legal tips that should be considered in terms of a person’s long-term care needs. The key points around putting your affairs in order while you are still able including safeguarding your assets so they do not contribute to financing your long-term care are reviewed.

Request regular reviews

Your Care Manager should arrange to review your needs and the services you are receiving at least once a year. The review is similar to the initial assessment and will take into account whether your needs have changed and whether you are still eligible for the services being provided. If your situation changes in the meantime you should request an earlier review. Many people who go into care will be eligible for a government contribution to cover the nursing element of care. Over a period of time the nursing care needs may increase so it is essential that you request a review if you think this is the case.

Care in your own home

If you pay for care at home this could delay the need to go into a Care Home. Care Workers can come into your home and help with preparation of meals, dressing and undressing. You could even have full-time care at home or a carer who stays overnight. It is essential that you have your needs assessed before paying for care in your home. If you are cared for at home the value of your property will not be taken into account when the local authorities are undertaking a means tested assessment.

Take legal advice

You should plan for your care needs and take professional advice before you require services. If you or your family are facing the prospect of long-term care then it is essential that you fully understand your entitlements, what the state provides. Many people are not aware of their basic legal entitlements. Being certain about costs and affordability is essential. We can advise you on all aspects long-term care fee planning and we can help our clients to achieve not only their objectives but peace of mind.

Make sure you have Power of Attorney

Put your affairs in order now. If you become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs then it would be too late to put in place Power of Attorney. The whole process would then be much more complicated for your family and you may end up with the Court of Protection looking over your shoulder.

Don’t just give it away

Many people wish to safeguard their assets and they plan to remove them from their estate so that they are not required to sell them to fund the cost of care. If you plan on making a gift you must make sure that you take proper legal advice. By making a gift you could risk your own personal security and compromise your standard of living. If you were to transfer your property to your child and subsequently your child became bankrupt, divorced or dies then you could be left without a home. In addition to this, if the local authorities believe that you have deliberately deprived yourself of assets to avoid the property being taken into to pay for the cost of your care then they will be entitled to apply a notional value to the asset and assess you as if you still owned the asset.