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Saturday 23st, April 12:26:10 Pm
Business report: New Amazon HQ in Virginia?


Best Bet Casino is intended for players 21+ for entertainment purposes only and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunity to win real money through game play. Playing Best Bet Casino does not entail future success at real money gaming. Wild-Tiles and Gems Wild-Tiles are trademarks of Case Venture Management, LLC Multi-Strike Poker is a trademark of IGT. Amazon HQ2 is a planned corporate headquarters in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia for technology company Amazon.

HQ2 was announced in September, and is an expansion of the existing headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Amazon intended to spend 5 billion on construction, saying that HQ2 would house 50, workers when completed. The corporation also invited governments and economic development organizations to give the corporation tax breaks and other incentives to entice it to their locality. Of the 20 finalists in the running for Amazon's second headquarter, Raleigh, N.C., comes in at No.1 in new rankings. A demographic and place data firm has ranked Amazon’s HQ2 top 20 picks across a number of factors to predict which city the tech giant will choose for its new headquarters.

The firm, Sperling BestPlaces, has had a fairly good track record with its prior picks 15 of its top 20 picks made Amazon’s short list, including its top Betting sites are getting in on the action, too.

For example, the Irish gambling site Paddy Power, is also currently giving better odds to Eastern cities, with 2-to-1 odds for Boston, 5-to-1 odds for Atlanta, and 8-to-1 odds for Washington, DC The site last fall had also been heavily favoring Atlanta with 2-to-1 odds.

Amazon’s decision to turn its hunt into something of a reality show contest has worked well for the tech company. Best frontrunner playing it cool Denver.

A favorite in many site selection exercises, Denver gained a lot of ground when the New York Times’s Upshot blog picked them as the best location for Amazon’s HQ2. As writer Emily Badger noted, lifestyle and affordability, coupled with the supply of tech talent from nearby universities, has already helped build a thriving start-up scene.

Amazon likely sees the potential PR nightmare that would come from one of the nation’s most successful companies, one that already has benefitted from billion in tax breaks from cities and states, taking an audacious handout. In addition, taking away state. Amazon Announces Public Hunt for New Headquarters. The borough’s image as a hip hub for millennials could give it a leg up as the e-commerce giant hunts for the perfect locale for its second U.S.

Headquarters, according to Ofer Cohen, president of TerraCRG, a Brooklyn-based commercial-property brokerage. Brooklyn is in the midst of a building boom, with about 7 million square feet, square meters of offices planned, as developers seek to leverage the area’s popularity with young people who have migrated across the East River to escape Manhattan’s sky-high rents.

Everybody got excited in the Brooklyn real estate community when Amazon. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said HQ2 will add 50, employees and about 5 billion over two decades to the municipality that becomes the second home behind Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.

What I remind people is that Amazon is the largest lessee of industrial space in the world, so they are really good at extracting concessions from municipalities or landlords, Guinee said, adding that while an influx of 50, or 25, employees will certainly be a boost to JBG Smith’s market, it might not move the needle as much as people.

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The host city of Amazon HQ2the online retail giant’s second headquartersremains one of the biggest business stories in the world. The eventual location of the 5 billion facility, which is expected to add 50, jobs to the yet-undetermined city, has been the source of rampant speculation. Newark, New Jersey offered 7 billion in tax incentives.

San Antonio offered, uh, nothing, which was actually a pretty boss moveand neighboring cities Dallas and Frisco each threw their hat in the ring.

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The gambling site has been taking odds on which city will land Amazon HQ2, and this week boosted Austin to co-frontrunner status, alongside Atlanta.

Paddy Power has long been watched by observers trying to read the HQ2 tea leaves. Betting website Paddy Power was correct in its prediction that Atlanta would come out as a top contender in the race for Amazon HQ2. While little is known about Georgia’s initial incentive package, previous reports pegged it at exceeding 1B. Beyond the talent base that is already in the city, the sites New York has chosen to offer Amazon include some of the best brands in the world the World Trade Center, Hudson Yards and Brooklyn.

There are challenges, to be sure New York is one of the few cities in America with a housing market more expensive than Seattle, and its transportation system is on a downward trajectory after years of mismanagement.

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Amazon's list of 20 cities that are finalists to host its HQ2 second headquarters has altered the odds for betting on the winner. Why Amazon Split 'HQ2' Between New York and Washington - Bloomberg Markets and Finance 18. How To Be Successful, Happy And Wealthy By Age 30 - CNBC Make It.

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Welcome to our new and improved comments, which are for subscribers only. This is a test to see whether we can improve the experience for you. You do not need a Facebook profile to participate. It's been cited in stories about Amazon HQ2 odds in CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and other well-known publications. Vic Ryckaert, John Tuohy and USA Today contributed to this report.

Andrew Clark is a digital producer for IndyStar. Its upsides for Amazon good transit, diverse residents, a friendly business climate and a single developer with a big chunk of senatefloor.us Jared Soares for The New York Times.

But that hasn’t stopped investors, economic officials and developers from trying to reverse engineer the HQ2 search, to understand what a company seen as embodying the future wants and needs, and what local governments should do to be part of that future.

The growing consensus is that the place that checks the most boxes is Northern Virginia. In online betting forums, it has the best odds of landing the project. I had bet Detroit would be the winner in the Amazon HQ2 bid. I thought Detroit met all the basic criteria Delta Airlines hub, space to grow, economic incentives, lower cost of living, lots of housing. I was betting on the non-intrinsic attributes, too millennials and the creative class flocking to the city to be part of the makers place community that has evolved there.

Plus, Amazon might want credit for being the first major player to establish a new corporate presence in the city. To me, Detroit offers them a blank slate to develop their idea of a community. In the short time since Amazon announced their short list, well over a dozen articles with rank-scorings, sorting, general prognostications and even betting odds appeared in my media feeds. Amazon’s search for another headquarters location to supplement its existing corporate campus in Seattle set off a period of frenzied bids from hundreds of North American communities, with 20 recently emerging as finalists.

More than economists and experts nationwide were asked to choose the most and least likely choices from among this list, as part of the most recent Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey.[1]. Los Angeles was joined by New York and Philadelphia as the only finalist cities to not receive at least one vote for most likely destination. On the least likely list were Newark, New York City and Miami.

High taxes and high regulation were among the reasons cited to keep the New YorkNewark area out of contention in panelists’ minds.

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MORE Amazon HQ Fort Monmouth emerges as Shore's best hope. Amazon has been growing fast in New Jersey, adding warehouses to fill orders made online. See the video above about its hiring spree.

But this project is different.

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A Moody's Analytics report ranked Austin, Atlanta and Philadelphia as Amazon's best bets. Amazon has said only that it will make an announcement in Michael L. What’s good for Amazon may not be good for New Yorkers.

Cuomo and de Blasio seem to have an answer for any criticism of HQ2 or the decision-making process. Assuming that all of this is true that New York City’s bet on Amazon will lead to even more billions of dollars in returns, that the company will flood the city with high-paying jobs, that other industries will benefit, and that Amazon’s HQ2 selection process really was a good-faith attempt to secure the best location possible for its. New offices one doesn’t need to look much further than Seattle to see why people are concerned that what’s good for Amazon’s bottom line isn’t always good for regular people.

City Council member Jimmy Van Bramer and state Sen. Michael Gianaris speak at the a. Best Bet Associates is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Have a question for Best Bet Associates? In addition, we want you to be aware that senatefloor.us will provide Best Bet Associates with information related to your transactions involving their products including, for example, your name, address, products you purchase, and transaction amount, and that such information will be subject to Best Bet Associates's Privacy Policy.

Best Bet Associates values the privacy of your personal data. For more information see senatefloor.us's Privacy Policy. In the three months between Amazon’s HQ2 announcement in mid-November through Sunday, buyers signed contracts for apartments in Long Island City, nearly triple the number of new contracts during the same period a year ago, according to data provided by Stribling Associates.

"This was announced and people went out and bought just like they do in the stock market, based on this event in the news," said Donna Olshan, president of brokerage Olshan Realty. "I’ve said to every single client, 'you better want to own in Long Island City irrespective of if Amazon comes here or not.' I saw this as a potential," Mr. Any speculative buyers who bet on a quick payoff will now have to weather the ongoing slowdown in New York City home sales.

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HQ2 was Amazon's nickname for its planned second major headquarters outside of Seattle. It would cost 5 billion and bring in 50, new employees. So far, Amazon is seeing this big bet bear fruit, with its third-quarter revenue jumping 24 - it's best showing in a year. Amazon now ships over 10 million products next day coast to coast for Prime customers, and that number should keep rising.

Additionally, Amazon has said it's brought in more Prime members worldwide this year than any past year. The good news for Amazon going into next year is that some of its biggest uproars, like the Bezos divorce and HQ2, didn't last.

But other situations, like all these anti-Amazon protests and the antitrust investigations, have been rolling on for months. That suggests won't get any easier. Amazon promised 25, new jobs but many New Yorkers weren't convinced those jobs would go to locals or be high-paying. A timeline of the Amazon HQ2 jobs that were set to be added in New York from to Andy KierszBusiness Insider. Amazon estimated that the average salary of its 25, HQ2 employees in New York would be, well above the median income of local residents.

About 12, of those positions were expected to be in administration, custodial, and other non-tech roles. The remaining 12, would most likely have required a bachelor's degree or coding backgr.

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Newark, New Jersey has the highest unemployment rate of any Amazon HQ2 finalistand the highest tax incentives. Of all the finalist cities, Newark may have the most to gain from hosting Amazon's new senatefloor.us KingsnorthGetty Images.

Amazon's list of finalists for the location of its second headquarters holds few surprises. You can bet the dollars and cents of the deal won't make their way into the company's marketing materials about HQ2. If Newark gets picked, you can bet they mattered anyway. Amazon HQ2 is a transformational project, and we must ensure we have the best real estate options available, said the company.

It hints at the one-sided nature of the transaction.

So far, the contest and the conversation surrounding it seems to have focused on what cities can offer not what they’ll get in return, or may give up in exchange. New Jersey senator Cory Booker, left, and governor Chris Christie announce they are submitting a bid to Amazon for HQ2. The city was a late entry into the selection process but jumped in with both feet, with state officials including the state’s controversial outgoing governor, Chris Christie promising a staggering in tax incentives.

More than Amazon has promised in investment. My bet is that Amazon goes for a place like Detroit. It makes sense financially, it's centrally located, and it's in close proximity to a large pool of well-trained engineering and CS students. The only downside is that the city itself is in bad shape, but Amazon may very well view this as a good thing.

From a PR point of view, helping to revitalize Detroit would give the company a crucial bargaining chip to use in future legal battles. 2 years ago QUOTE 1 Good 1 No Good! My guess goes to the "new" tech cities like Austin or Denver.

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Where will Amazon’s new headquarters be located?Amazon HQ2 betting Who are the finalists?Which cities are the strongest HQ2 contenders?Washington meets all of Amazon’s requirements and is certainly keen to seal the. By carolinaboy, September 7, in Norfolk.

But you can bet that almost every moderate sized city even will be putting in a proposal. But that doesn't mean they will garner serious consideration.

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Heck, this is probably even too big for the Charlottes and Baltimores much less Virginia Beach. But then AMAZON might was well rule out the entire South ATL transit stinks.

Where ironically the business climate is probably the best. Home Entertainment Props Amazon HQ2 New Headquarters Location Betting Odds. Although Amazon’s specific analytical methodology is unknown here are some likely considerations for the location of HQ2 Airport capacity Amazon moves a lot of freight and is starting to use its own planes to further expedite shipments.

The area will need a large airport and even better, one that is easily accessible for both freight and passengers. If Amazon is going to compete for the best and the brightest’ they need to be located in a place where people want to live.

This is something of an abstract but very important component and could end up being the deciding factor between several otherwise evenly matched candidates.

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Its website shows 23 options, with Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, and Ottawa standing in for Canada, and the other 18 being American cities. That’s a small sample of the bids put in from across North America, but it is nice to see the Canadian presence nonetheless.

According to Paddy Power’s website, Atlanta is the frontrunner, coming in at 3 to 1.

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Toronto is Canada’s best bet, coming in behind Austin, Boston, and Atlanta with 12 to 1 odds. Vancouver and Calgary are tied at a slim 66 to 1 odds, Ottawa at 80 to 1, and Halifax sits at the bottom of the. With Amazon narrowing its list of potential cities for its second headquarters last week, one Wall Street technology analyst believes he knows which of the remaining candidates have the inside track for the economically game-changing project.

GBH Insights' Daniel Ives predicts five cities out of the new list of 20 candidates have a better chance to get Amazon's second headquarters than the rest. Amazon announced Thursday it narrowed the list of potential sites for its second headquarters to 20 locations. Amazon's corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Though New York meets the bulk of the criteria in Amazon’s request for proposals, the city’s hometown paper was skeptical in their own handicapping of which metro area has the best chance of winning HQ2.

While the New York Times notes that the city has plenty of tech talent, it also has a rents that are too damn high. Amazon already knows who they want. At the very most they had 2 or 3 cities on their short list, I honestly bet they had already decided.

I mean I get it, they want to best package, the most free stuff, and I'm sure they love all the kowtowing, but it just seems so fake to claim to care all about liberal values and bathroom bills if you don't care about wasting peoples money and taking corporate hand outs. I believe Bezos is a very keen businessman and HQ2 will go wherever the best opportunities are for his business to flourish. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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Amazon HQ2 will bring billions of dollars in up-front and ongoing investments, and tens of thousands of high-paying jobs." Bezos encouraged bidders to "think big and creatively," and with so much at stake it's perhaps not surprising to see how far some places have been willing to go to attract Amazon's attention.

Amazon laid out its preferences for the HQ2 location in a memo published earlier this year, stating that it is looking for a metropolitan area with more than one million people. With a population of 53, people, Stonecrest, Georgia, falls well short of Amazon's request. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in its dedication to Amazon. Cities across North America are going to extreme lengths to be chosen as the location of Amazon’s second headquarters.

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Amazon abandoned its plans for New York on Valentine’s Day in Photo Mark LennihanAssociated Press. Amazon executives have said the HQ2 decision was based on where their employees would want to live more than incentives. Neither Virginia nor New York presented the most generous packages during the nationwide competition Newark, N.J.

Dangled 7 billion, while officials in Maryland offered 5 billion. A company representative declined to comment. City officials have said they presented the best proposal they could to attract the company to strengthen the city’s tech economy.

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Amazon’s new headquarters Which US city is most primed for Amazon HQ2? Contenders throw their hats in the ring to bring home 50, high-paying jobs. Last updated 17 February Atlanta, Boston, New York or Austin or will Amazon bet on a dark horse? Bidding at a close, rumors are flying as to the one lucky city destined to host the second headquarters of online retail titan Amazon.

According to its own site, Amazon received an eye-popping proposals from across the US, Canada and Mexico. Big town to ’burb, they’re all looking for a piece of the estimated 40 billion pie and 50, jobs to come out of the 5 billion Amazon’s baked into the investment. Amazon HQ2 proposal breakdown.

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Amazon's new headquarters could turn a smaller city into a hot metropolis. It could reverse the fortunes of a struggling city or bolster a bigger one. It's simple The new Amazon HQ could become a true game-changer for most metros.

What's at stake is as many as 50, workerswith an average salary topping,moving in over the next 10 to 15 years. It boasts good universities and an educated workforce, making it catnip to employers seeking to leave costly, coastal metros and the high wages they have to pay there. The Dallas metro area began seeing an influx of companies relocating and expanding there in, when ATT relocated its corporate headquarters, and about jobs, from San Antonio, nearly miles away.

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Good betsIf Amazon chooses Indianapolis, here's where HQ2 should go. Local real estate experts say the acre former General Motors stamping plant site near Downtown Indianapolis is the best bet to meet Amazon's request for a site of at least acres near a Downtown setting. And the timing couldn't be better The former GM Stamping Plant site was demolished in, setting the stage for redevelopment. Amazon HQ2 would bring an initial capital investment of 5 billion to the city or region selected for the company's second headquarters and quite possibly billions more down the road.

More detailsAmazon names top 20 finalists for Amazon HQ2.

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Good schools, a a highly educated work force to draw from and progressive state and local policies are more important to attracting and keeping highly educated employees. North Carolina would have been perfect, IMO, until they ran off the rails. NEPatsGirl, Boston has a thriving tech sector especially in start-ups. My son has been with a start-up in downtown Boston since January. He just got his third promotion and it was a big one since he started.

October edited October 2 Reply Share.

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Amazon is looking for a huge HQ location. Cities and states will be tripping over themselves to offer the tax breaks, but where do you think they'll end up and why?senatefloor.us Amazon is looking for a huge HQ location.

Cities and states will be tripping over themselves to offer the tax breaks, but where do you think they'll end up and why? senatefloor.us Amazon plans to build second, 'equal' headquarters outside Seattle The Seattle Times.

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senatefloor.us Veal Well-Known Member. I bet Boston had to pull some serious strings to free up that 1 million sq feet of office space in Seaport just to lure Amazon further. These 50, new jobs will be mostly software engineering jobs and other than Silicon Valley, Boston is probably next on list for high tech talent right behind Isreal and maybe Austin TX.

There are over 40+ colleges and universities in Greater Boston and it seems as if Boston is attracting top talent globally as it furthers it status as a world class city.

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Amazon HQ bid videos and latest news articles senatefloor.us your source for the latest news on Amazon HQ bid. The deadline for submitting bids to become the home of Amazon’s second North American headquarters is now just one week away. Branded content is written by or on behalf of our sponsor and not by Global News' editorial staff.

If you'd like to learn more What is this?.

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Official Twitter account of senatefloor.us Contact AmazonHelp for customer support. I’ve hit a new adulting level. I’m excited by an amazon push notification that my new vacuum is out for delivery.

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Transportation advocates say Amazon’s decision to split HQ2 between two hubs on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor adds more urgency to its most pressing infrastructure upgrade, the Gateway Program, which will replace or modernize some of those spans and double the number of passenger trains that can run under the Hudson River.

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From the report Amazon will open major new outposts in Northern Virginia's Crystal City and New York City, splitting its much-sought investment of up to 50, jobs between the two East Coast sites. The choice of Crystal City in Arlington County as one of the winners would cement Northern Virginia's reputation as a magnet for business and potentially reshape the Washington region into an East Coast outpost of Silicon Valley over the next decade.

Amazon's decision to split the project rather than open a second headquarters on par with its Seattle campus has angered some who said the company had ginned up competition among cities only to change the rules midstream. Some said it was unfair that the company seemed to be considering only sites in more affluent communities.

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Amazon's second headquarters Contender cities for new "HQ2". The company gave some clues about what it wants for its cheekily named "HQ2" - a location similar to its Seattle campus that is urban or suburban, well-connected to transit and in a metro area with at least 1 million people.

But beyond that, the fact that it's going through a public process and accepting bids suggest it's open to looking far and wide - and willing to be swayed by generous state and municipal tax breaks whipped up by local governments. "It's unusual to go through a [request for proprosal] process, essentially shopping for a new location before an.

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Detroit needs to understand Amazon would bring problems as well as opportunities if it selects Detroit for its second headquarters. True, any city would love to attract Amazon’s planned second headquarters with its estimated 50, new jobs and billions in new investment.

And certainly Detroit has thrown its A-team businessman Dan Gilbert and a host of local business and civic leaders into the task of impressing Amazon with Detroit as the ideal site.

Detroit Which city is best for Amazon's headquarters? And Amazon has not exactly been a warm and fuzzy corporate citizen. The company has earned criticism for its thin support for Seattle charities and a standoffish attitude toward local concerns.

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Amazon's long search for a new headquarters location - dubbed HQ2 - might be better-named HQ squared. With 50, jobs and 5 billion in investments at stake, here's a look at the great lengths cities went to woo the tech giant, and why Amazon ultimately settled on two locations. Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here senatefloor.us.

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Ultimately Amazon is going to be looking for a home that makes it easier for them to attract superior talent, said Doug Stephens, founder of Toronto-based retail advisory firm Retail Prophet. Trump has spoken negatively about the Hvisa programs that tech companies such as Amazon rely on to bring highly skilled workers in from other countries, Stephens said.

Online gambling site Paddy Power has the odds of Toronto winning HQ2 at to It pegs Atlanta, Boston and Austin as the best bets with 3-to-1 odds.

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