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Thursday 6st, December 10:14:6 Am
UFC 193: Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm - Fight Network Preview


At the UFC weigh-ins, Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm both made weight in Melbourne, Australia. Top Finishes from UFC Fighters - UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship 2.

Jon Jones, Anthony Johnson Play Prank on Dana White. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. UFC Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm Fight Highlights p. Rousey vs holly holm fight highlights holm rousey ronda rousey vs holly holm holly holm knockout ufc ultimate fighting championship martial arts holly holm ronda rousey. Ronda Rousey knocked out cold in second round by Holly Holm as UFC's bantamweight champion is dethroned in stunning shock.

Ronda Rousey was beaten for the first time in her mixed martial arts career by challenger Holly Holm. Rousey had previously been taken beyond the first round just once in the six defences of her title. Rousey was kept at bay by the former boxing world champion and was unable to take the fight to the ground other than on one occasion.

Rousey managed to take the fight to the canvas once but was unable to keep it there as she saw her chance of victory slip away. Holm even managed to take down Rousey but was quickly back on her feet to return the fight to her more favoured position. Ronda Rousey was the bull and Holly Holm was the matador. We examine how the boxing world champion came into MMA and beat the UFC's undefeated golden girl in less than two rounds.

The 'fight' was a beautiful execution. Rousey was never in the game as Holm danced around her, angled off from her clumsy charges, and skewered her with left straights. The end came just a minute into the second round as Holm connected with her left high kick and sent Rousey to the canvas, unconscious.

The storm of uneducated opinion in the wake of the fight has been deafening and everyone wants to pretend that they always knew how to beat Rousey, they just didn't know if Holm was the 'level of athlete' to pull it off.

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Holly Holm shocked the world with the biggest upset in UFC history, last night at UFC She executed a perfect game plan, utilizing excellent footwork and head movement to avoid the clinch, pinpoint accuracy, and perfect timing with her strikes. The game plan Footwork As a judoka, Ronda needs to close off the distance in order to get the takedown.

Being an exceptional boxer, Holly was able to move backwards and slide out to the left or right and avoid the clinch. Head Movement It’s hard to hitgrab a moving target. She didn’t let Ronda Rousey’s mean-mugging face or insults at weigh-ins get in the way of her and her fight camp’s strategy that night.

What are your thoughts on the fight?. You are free to offer your opinion respectfully, but comments or posts intended to demean a group, acontextual expressions of bigotry, and the pejorative use of slurs is disallowed. Baiting users into breaking this rule is not allowed.

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Telling other users to hurt or kill themselves in any form is against reddit TOS, and will earn you a permanent ban. Holm was a sweetheart, and Ronda's explanation for being a cunt at the weigh ins was "She had her arm on the outside and I wanted my arm on the outside, so she's a bitch!" Honestly, Rousey lost the mental game before stepping in the ring and I think Holm knew it.

Beautiful game plan from Holm's corner, and horrible game plan from Rousey's corner leads to an awesome upset and totally deserved win for Holm. Ronda Rousey tasted defeat by the hands and feet of Holly Holm for the same reason many other fighters have been humbled when you're on top there's only one way to go. The fact is that Ronda Rousey was never in the fight. Long before the head kick that eventually flattened her, Holly Holm had dominated her in every conceivable way.

The eventual outcome was foretold before the bell for the second round.

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Ronda Rousey was the UFC's unstoppable force until Holly Holm used the former champion's aggression against her to produce one of the sport's biggest upsets. Rousey chased Holm around the ring at UFC on Sunday looking for the right hold and taking head shots along the way until Holm saw an opening 59 seconds into the second round and snapped a kick to the head that immediately dropped her more fancied opponent to the canvas.

An ecstatic Holm jumped around the ring while Rousey stayed on the canvas as she received medical treatment amid the roar of a stunned, record UFC crowd.

"She's won a lot of fights and imposed her will on a lot of fighters," Holm said.

"So I expected her to be aggressive and impose her will on me. Holm fight video, highlights, news, Twitter updates, and fight results. Holly Holm defeats Ronda Rousey via KOTKO at of Round 2. Greatest Knockout of All Time. Greatest Bantamweight MMA Fight of All Time.

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Ronda Rousey is a bull in the Octagon, but at UFC she fought her first matador in the new women's bantamweight champion Holly Holm. Rousey could do no wrong in the eyes of most fight fans because she had essentially been flawless throughout her entire MMA career up to that point. She was branded as the most dominant fighter on the planet by the UFC.

Was she so dominant because of her phenomenal ability?

Of course that had a lot to do with it, but it also had to do with the fact none of her opponents fought her the way you need to fight someone with Rousey’s skill set. She charges at you, physically dominates you, leaves your body and ego broken. Holly Holm jumped on Ronda Rousey and hit her in the head several times before the referee stopped the fight.

An ecstatic Holm jumped around the ring as Rousey received medical treatment. "I had so much love and support I just thought, 'How can I not do this?'" Holly Holm said from the ring. "This right here is priceless." Ronda Rousey, a former judo Olympian, was unbeaten in 12 UFC fights before meeting Holly Holm.

A win would have been her seventh title defence. Instead, veteran female boxer Holly Holm, from the US state of New Mexico, now has the championship b.

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UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is making a name for herself in Hollywood, signing on to star in a remake of the classic movie 'Road House.'. UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm detailed her expectations and performance of her upset win against mixed martial arts star Ronda Rousey, in a conversation. Mp3 Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm Post Fight Analysis 2 Coach Firas Zahabi.

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UFC free fight Holly Holm vs Ronda R ousey. "It takes alot of energy to be a rockstar." I don't know what's more cringy that comment, or Rousey's goofy fucking face before the fight started. She knocked respect into ronda. Free ronda rousey holly holm fight for Android.

3 ronda rousey holly holm fight products found. Ronda Carta is The most popular card carta game.

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Now and looking as dominant as ever, Ronda Rousey will step back into the octagon in January to face Holly Holm. Track descriptions on senatefloor.us are editable by everyone. All user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License additional terms may apply. Holly Holm betting odds history. UFCMMA odds comparison service. Compare the latest UFCMMA fight odds and betting lines from the top online sportsbooks.

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Holly Holm said that Ronda Rousey's dominant reign as champion forced the rest of the division to strive to be better. Now the pound women's stable is more stacked than ever before.

Holm faces Valentina Shevchenko at Fight Night Chicago.

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Holly Holm said that Ronda Rousey's dominant reign as champion forced the rest of the division to strive to be better. Now the pound women's stable is more stacked than ever before. Holm faces Valentina Shevchenko at Fight Night Chicago. On Friday the MMA world was buzzing with discussion of the UFC and Ronda Rousey reversing course and choosing Holly Holm to replace Miesha Tate as the next bantamweight title challenger.

After two close, technical striking affairs in Holm’s first two UFC fights, which certainly didn’t have anyone including the former boxing champion or her team clamoring for a championship fight, "The Preacher’s Daughter" will be Rousey’s next foe. Holm believes Rousey is interested in continuing to prove that her stand-up striking is on the rise. Recently the champion has added standing KOs to her d.

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Tensions are high leading into Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm's UFC fight. For Rousey's part, her UFC women's bantamweight title and her undefeated record are on the line. It's a fight that is expected to set MMA viewing records, and it nearly started early on Friday when the two exchanged fists during the weigh-in.

"I just wanted to get in her face and show her that I was there for a reason. She's the one that put the fist on my face, I didn't touch her, she's the one that touched me! I told her that fake, sweet act I see right through it," Rousey said afterward.

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As Mary Pilon wrote in her Esquire profile of Rousey this week. By producing a remarkable upset of Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm has earned the opportunity to duplicate it.

Dana White, the Ultimate Fighting Championship president, told reporters Sunday in Melbourne, Australia, that he’ll pursue a rematch between his former champion and the still-unbeaten Holm, who stands as the first-ever boxing and UFC champion.

A rematch is what a lot of people want to see, White said after Holm knocked out Rousey early in the second round with a devastating left kick to the head that rendered the former champion briefly unconscious and sent her to a local hos. Ronda Rousey VS Holly Holm Official Announcement of UFC Fight - Jan 2, hd. Ronda Rousey will soon begin her electric race to the Octagon to the tune of Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation," looking to make the third successful title defense of her women's Bantamweight belt in the span of 10 months.

Standing across the cage will be Holly Holm, an undefeated mixed martial arts MMA fighter who has 38 professional boxing matches to her credit. Holm showdown will serve as the main event of UFC, which takes place Saturday night inside Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

UFC is an historic event, marking the first-ever.

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Watch video UFC Free Fight Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey. Video uploaded 04 See all videos on Attvideo.

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senatefloor.us - Get Paid for every Post! I'm betting for the fight as media seem to confuse me as they were saying Holm will probably outbox Rousey. Do you think Holm has the chance to win this fight.

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By fending off Rousey’s takedown attempts, Holm had turned the fight into a boxing match, effectively neutralizing Rousey’s unparalleled grappling skill. The defeat seems all the more surprising because Rousey has, in the past few months, showcased her sunnier side in multiple media appearances, leveraging her charm off the mat to become UFC’s first bona-fide media darling.

Even after the loss, however, Rousey earned some encouragement from her fellow fighters, among them former heavyweight champion George Foreman, who knows a thing or two about winning and losing huge fights. Down goes Muhammad,Frazier Foreman RONDA ROUSEY we all came back so will you.

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Rousey's two previous wins against Tate each came via armbar. Holm said she wanted a rematch against Tate but would take any opportunity UFC provided. White said Rousey doesn't plan to fight until the fall, but he will inquire of her interest to fight Tate earlier than that.

"I feel we had a great game plan," said Tate, a former Strikeforce titleholder. Miesha Tate celebrates after choking out Holly Holm in the fifth round of Saturday night's bantamweight showdown.

Things largely went according to plan for Holm, who fights out of Jackson Wink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She maintained distance against Tate well and stuffed the majority of her takedowns.

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Ronda Rouseys loss to fellow fighter Holly Holm during the UFC match was a major upset and now tons of celebrities are reacting to the shocker. Most of the reactions seem to be in support of Ronda, who has never lost a fight before, but many people are also congratulating Holly on her big win.

Celebs like Demi Lovato want a rematch and she hopes it will be in the United States so that she can easily attend. Make sure to watch video of the final moments of the match. Ronda got so beat up that she had to be transported to the hospital after the fight ended.

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Financially, the Holly Holm fight with Ronda is the biggest fight for Holly Holm. Holly Holm's going to make like 7 million," said Rogan. "She doesn't want to wait, she wants to stay active and I totally understand that, and I think it should be her prerogative as a champion to choose. "But financially that's the smart move for her because she's going to make the most money." But Holm's camp has thrown a potential spanner in the works by indicating their interest in fighting before July, potentially against.

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UFC President Dana White said in a recent interview that Ronda Rousey's schedule is pushing back her rematch against Holly Holm.

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Ronda Rousey's first fight after getting knocked out by Holly Holm last November will be a rematch, UFC head Dana White revealed on Wednesday. But we don't yet if it will be a rematch against Holm or Miesha Tate, who Rousey has twice beaten with her trademark arm bar. It all depends who comes out on top on March 5th, when Tate and Holm square off at UFC.

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Holly Holm discovered Ronda Rousey weakness Ronda Rousey was not a striker. And so it ended like it knew it would for Rousey sooner or later in the UFC. Someone would figure out her weakness and exploit it.

This is what happens when you believe your own hype.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the bankruptcy case, see Rousey v. Ronda Jean Rousey February 1, age 33 Riverside, California, U.S. After the fight, Rousey and Holm were each awarded a Fight of the Night bonus of 50,[91] She was also medically suspended by UFC on November 18, which included a no-contact suspension for days, and no fights for days, and would have to depend on CT scan results to have the suspension reduced.[92] She was medically.

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Mixed martial arts star Ronda Rousey and challenger Holly Holm have to be separated after a scuffle at the official weigh-in ahead of Sunday's title fight in Melbourne.

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With UFC taking place in Las Vegas just weeks away, how better to get pumped about the co-main event than a flashback video? Check out the official UFC full fight replay above. senatefloor.us is your premier source for all MMA News.

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In what’s been called "the biggest upset" in Ultimate Fighting Championship history, Rousey was knocked out by year-old Holly Holm in the second round of their title bout in Melbourne on Sunday. Holm, a former world champion boxer from New Mexico, delivered a powerful kick to Rousey’s head 59 seconds into the second round.

The blow sent Rousey toppling to the canvas. According to the Agence France-Presse, the year-old California native, who had been undefeated through 12 UFC fights prior to Sunday's bout, appeared to be "close to unconsciousness as she hit the deck.q.

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Free Newsletters Need help achieving your fitness goals? The Muscle Fitness newsletter will provide you with the best workouts, meal plans and supplement advice to get there. Here's what Rousey had to say about her upcoming opponent, Holly Holm on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and what her expectations are for the fight itself. Good news for those hoping to get a little more bang for their pay-per-view buck.

Although, don't expect this one to be settled on the scorecards. Rousey also addressed her ongoing feud with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Here's what she had to say about the undefeated boxing champ, and what she would do if she ran into him. For access to exclusive fitness advice, interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube.

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Ronda Rousey receives medical treatment after being defeated by Holly Holm in their UFC women's bantamweight championship bout during the UFC event at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. Ronda Rousey was the UFC's unstoppable force until Holly Holm used the former champion's aggression against her to produce one of the sport's biggest upsets. Rousey chased Holm around the ring at UFC on Sunday in Melbourne looking for the right hold and taking head shots along the way until Holm saw an opening 59 seconds into the second.

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UFC free fight Holly Holm vs Ronda R ousey. The most bizarre part of this was actually before the fight during the buildup. Ronda completely manufactured a false narrative about holly talking trash and saying things about her family.

None of that actually happened, as always holm was nothing but classy and respectful.

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Ronda Rousey is no longer the undefeated UFC champion She fell to Holly Holm in a Melbourne match on Saturday night, going down by knockout after Holm struck her in the head. Holm and Rousey shared a tense moment ahead of the fight, which was broken up by security.

"You're getting your ass kicked tomorrow, and I'm really going to enjoy the beating I give you," Rousey wrote on Instagram ahead of the fight. She was the heavy favorite and Holm's win is one of the most unexpected upsets in UFC history. Rousey, now, fell in the second round after a left head kick.

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Holly Holm news, fight information, videos, photos, interviews, and career updates, Page 1. MELBOURNE, Australia Former boxing champion Holly Holm pulled off a stunning upset victory over Ronda Rousey in UFC, knocking out the women's bantamweight champion in the second round with a pow Read More.

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Bethe Correia could brawl, but Holly Holm is one of the most dominant champions in the history of women’s boxing, with devastating kicks and unequaled cardio to boot. Rousey had already planned on taking a break after this fight, and that’s just what she’s going to do. Anybody assuming this is the end of her career is just trying to stir up drama. That wouldn’t be any fun anyway.

More likely, she will be back, and she will be pissed, but this time she’ll work through it in the gym. Expect to see a stronger, faster, and smarter Ronda Rousey. Expect her to be less weighed down by the distractions and the hype. Expect her to clinically, emotionlessly dismantle anyone who’s put in front of her before a rematch.

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Reigning Champion Ronda Rousey is knocked out via brutal leg kick in the round by seasoned veteran boxer Holly Holm Ronda Predicts Fight Outcome on Jimmy Fallon Follow me on your favourite social media for more updates. That’s where arrogance gets u. Arrogant in UFC and arrogant in WWE no wonder the fans all boo u. 6 year age advantage for Holm. Essa ronda merecia isso mais um pouco era muito arrogante.

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